Ginger Root and its Hangover-Healing Properties

Ginger Root and its Hangover-Healing Properties

For centuries, alcohol has been a major part of civilizations all over the world. This means that hangovers have also been a part of life for people for that same amount of time. Every society has their own methods for curing a hangover, some are based on ancient home remedies while others rely more on science and medical advice. No society has perfected the art of curing a hangover, though with the Rebound hangover patch we feel we’ve come close! To be sure, there are some substances that can help immensely. Ginger root is one such substance.

Ginger is a plant native to the warm countries of Asia, and has recently made its way to South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Asian cultures have long used ginger to cure a variety of stomach problems. These illnesses include diarrhea, colic, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome. In addition to stomach ailments, ginger can help in alieving pain from respiratory infections, headaches, migraines, and inflammation.

If some of those symptoms remind you of a morning after your last long night out, then you may think of stocking up on our Rebound hangover patch which is infused with ginger root. Ginger root will help to ease the nausea caused by the leftover alcohol in your stomach. Ginger will also help fight off fatty deposits which can attack your immune system and produce bacterial infections. Because alcohol lowers the effectiveness of your immune system, you are more susceptible to getting sick after a long night of drinking. This means your one-day hangover could turn into a 3 or 4 day cold if you’re not careful! Using ginger to boost your immunity can help to prevent this dreaded effect of a long weekend.

If your head is pounding from congeners and dehydration, ginger can help there too! Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates the production of certain hormones that relieve pain. Because ginger is natural, this is far safer than taking painkillers containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen, as those drugs can have a negative effect on your liver or digestive system. It also boosts your immunity and provides you with essential vitamins and minerals, so you are killing two birds with one stone by avoiding negative side effects and improving your overall health!

If you are suffering from the consequences of long night partying hard, then definitely try our easy to use Rebound Hangover Relief Patch. the ultimate hangover cure! We offer the amazing 6-day supply pack for only $8.99!


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How Taurine Can Help Relieve Hangovers

Hangovers can be troublesome and a cause of stress for many people enjoying even just a few drinks. Who can blame them? How many times have we enjoyed ourselves in the evening with friends but can barely stand up after a night out. Hangovers can definitely give you a tough time.

Taurine and Its Effects

Taurine is a compound which is abundantly found in energy drinks. It is basically an amino-acid which is important for various metabolic processes in your body. It is also found in foods such as meat, dairy products, fish and human milk. Taurine as you well know is excellent for increasing alertness. Studies have shown that the combination of taurine and caffeine can really improve your mental performance. That is why taurine is present in many different energy drinks.

It can help in minimizing the liver damage due to alcohol consumption.  Taurine is an excellent way to fight and recover from a hangover.  It works by counteracting the fat build up in your liver after drinking alcohol. It can prevent other liver diseases also. Taurine can help you relax after a crazy night out with friends.

A taurine supplement can really sedate you and lower your blood sugar levels. When you drink a lot of alcohol, fats are built up in your liver which can lead to swelling in the liver and decreased blood flow. Taurine can be beneficial in reversing potential liver damage. Taurine is can also help your digestive and nervous system.

After a night (or day) of drinking alcohol we might not have an adequate source of Taurine available to help alleviate hangover symptoms. You could go for one of the many energy drinks with Taurine, but the heavy caffeine dose in those beverages are probably the worst thing for your hangover. One of the most annoying symptoms of a hangover is increased anxiety and heartbeat.The last thing you need is extra caffeine to make your heart race even more!

Well one of the major ingredients in Rebound Hangover patch is Taurine! We’ve been able to place  variety of hangover alleviating ingredients including Taurine onto this patch. The great thing is with our technology you receive the full potency of these ingredients through your skin and without having to consume anything!

With our new formulation, Rebound is better than ever. But don’t worry we made sure to keep essential hangover-fighting ingredients such as Taurine in our patch!





Prickly Pear Leaf Hangover Benefits

Waking up to a hangover is not a pleasant way to start your day. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, often times when we tell ourselves that we are going to behave. Several hours later, we found ourselves having consumed too many drinks, staying out far too late, and dreading the pounding headache that we will be faced with in the morning. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate the effects of our hangovers, allowing us to once again become functional throughout the day. One of those methods involves consuming Prickly Pear Leaf. Here are some of the hangover benefits of the increasingly popular cactus.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Prickly Pear leaf has been found to help regulate blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes. It can helps to prevent damage to the liver. When your level is functioning at a high level, you are less likely to suffer the effects of a hangover, as that means it is effectively filtering out the toxins that you are consuming. When you have low blood sugar as a result of too much alcohol, you often experience the fatigue and weakness that come along with a hangover.

Boosts Metabolism

Prickly Pear has been shown to boost metabolism, which means that you can more quickly rid your body of the alcohol and ensuing toxins that you consumed the night before. It also helps to give you more energy, which may allow you to get up and do things that will help take your mind off of the hangover. A higher metabolism will encourage you to eat more, allowing your body to take in beneficial nutrients that you may have been neglecting throughout the day.

Protects Liver

When you take prickly pear before a night of drinking, it is shown to protect your liver from the toxic effects of alcohol. It is able to do this without affecting the buzz that comes with drinking as well. An overworked liver is part of the reason you get hungover – it is unable to process and remove toxins, passing some of the work onto the other organs. This causes you to become to fatigued and dehydrated, as well as sore and nauseated. Protecting your liver from this toxicity can go a long way in making you feel better the next morning.

Hangover Prevention

Because of its protective properties for the liver, prickly pear is most effective when used as a preventative measure. It will still help in the morning, but it is best to take it prior to a night out. Studies have shown that those who take prickly pear before drinking exhibit fewer symptoms of nausea, headache, and dehydration the next morning.

Prickly Pear Leaf is just one of many ingredients we have placed onto the Rebound Patch. Rebound is the ultimate hangover prevention there is. Simply place the patch infused with Prickly Pear Leaf on and hour or two before drinking and you’ll experience a dramatic reduction in hangover symptoms the following day!

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How Vitamin B12 Can Help a Hangover

Nobody enjoys a hangover. The combination of the headache, the sour stomach, and the filmy, dry mouth that all hit at once as you step out of bed is one of the most miserable feelings you can experience. Unfortunately, this is often the price one must pay for having a little too much fun the previous night. For centuries, people have been coming up with hangover prevention and cures. Some have proven to be more effective than others, and some are nothing more placebo. However, one thing that may help with a hangover is vitamin B12. Many people swear by the powerful vitamin and claim that it can prevent hangovers completely as well as help cure the nasty feeling you may get in the morning. But how, exactly, can B12 help with your hangover?

Vitamin Depletion

B vitamins are one of the substances that get depleted when you drink excessive amounts of alcohol. By taking B12 before a night of drinking, you can help increase your B vitamin reserves so that you don’t lose so much that you feel sick the next day. Replenishing it in the morning with a B12 supplement can also help ease the effects of a hangover. Our Rebound hangover patch has B12 as one of its many ingredients. Unlike pills or bulky capsules, with the Rebound hangover patch you just place the patch on and your skin will absorb the 500mcg of Vitamin B12 we have placed on the patch over 8-10 hours!


Brain and Nerve Function

One of the effects of the hangover is a reduced reaction time and general shakiness. This is because as B12 stores become depleted, you start to lose a substance called cobalamin. Cobalamin is an important component that assists in regulating the function of the brain and nervous system. This means that you may benefit from a clearer head and increased level of alertness if you take B12. You can also help get rid of those shaky hands and nauseous feeling the next day.


Increased Energy

B12 helps your body to maintain a healthy level of red blood cell production as well as giving energy to these cells. A shortage of B12 can result in you feeling fatigued, confused, and sore. When your red blood cells have been fed at an efficient rate, you may have more energy and be able to face the day without a nasty hangover. Taking B12 supplements can help your body to achieve this balance. Again with the amount of B12 we have in the hangover patch not only will your hangover symptoms subside, but you’ll feel a rush of natural, caffeine-free, energy after a night (or day) of drinking!


Helps Maintain Other Minerals

Vitamin B12 helps to maintain a healthy balance of magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium in your blood. When you become deficient in these, you begin to feel weak, shaky, and sometimes even nauseous. Because B12 regulates their levels, taking supplements may help you to avoid these negative effects of mineral deficiency.


Better Digestion

B12 aids in digestion by helping to breakdown foods, especially carbohydrates. Many of the carbs in alcohol turn to sugar, and this can cause a spike in blood sugar levels when you wake up which will lead to some of the negative effects of a hangover. By taking B12 to help regulate this, you’ll prevent that nasty sour stomach in the morning as well as reduce the likelihood of suffering from diarrhea or indigestion.


Rebound truly is the best hangover cure and hangover remedy there is. With the continual 8-10 hour delivery of important nutrients such as Vitamin B12 through your skin you can be assured of getting back on your feet after drinking alcohol!

The Economic Cost of Hangovers

We’ve all been there. Sitting at our office desk, pounding headache, dehydrated, struggling to keep our eyes open as the room keeps spinning around us. These are just some of the dismal effects of having one too many the night before. In the moment, we may think we’re the only ones suffering from our own decisions, but the truth is that we affect our entire workplace when we show up hungover. Our lack of productivity and overall negative demeanor can be harmful to ourselves and those around us.

That's why in times like these you need the Rebound hangover patch: The BEST hangover remedy and hangover prevention currently available on the planet!

Recent studies have shown that the ill effects of hangovers cost the US economy almost $250 billion per year. 72% of this cost is due to decreased workplace productivity. The other 28% come from issues related to crime, healthcare, and accidents. Even more of a problem than reduced productivity is no productivity at all. Many employees call in sick when they are hungover, which can be even worse for the company than someone showing up with bloodshot eyes. This year, for example, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that truant workers on Monday after the Super Bowl cost the US economy nearly $3 billion dollars alone.

Missing work can mean that an employer has to pay someone else overtime or risk losing money by not completing the tasks that are necessary to remain profitable. Every employee has a certain role to play, and if they are at home regretting last night’s decisions, they aren’t able to contribute to the success of a healthy company. As mentioned with the Super Bowl, this is especially exacerbated by major holidays or celebratory events when multiple employees are likely to call in sick on the same day. Their absence may not cause a company to shutter completely, but it will certainly make for a less profitable day.

Those that are at work are often only slightly more productive than those that aren’t, and in some cases, they can even be detrimental. Without a sharp mind and ability to perform one’s job, a hungover person can hurt the company by discouraging others around him or her and being unable to complete certain requirements. In tight quarters, people don’t want to have to smell alcohol on one’s breath or deal with them being crabby and tired. So, not only is the hungover person suffering, but those around him or her are experiencing negative effects as well.

There are many reasons to drink responsibly, and workplace productivity is just one of them. However, it can be difficult to curb our behaviors on a fun night out, so it is important that we realize who we are affecting and how we can minimize the problems associated with a hangover. By practicing proper hangover prevention and using the right supplements to make our hangovers more bearable, we can be sure that we are helping ourselves and our company.

Rebound hangover patch is the ultimate hangover cure and hangover prevention there is. Its safe, simple, and easy to use. There's no popping pills or drinks, just slap on the patch before you head out for some drinks and let our amazing DermiiFlex time-release technology work its magic. Unlike oral hangover aids which first have to pass through the GI tract, with our proprietary technology your skin absorbs all of rebound hangover patch ingredients DIRECTLY through the skin!

Don't let having fun and a  few drinks ruin your productivity afterwards. Try our Rebound hangover patch. Now with FREE SHIPPING!




Jim Beam & Budweiser: Match Made In Heaven?

It’s always exciting to read about team ups. You know Batman and Robin, Oreos and Milk…what about Jim Beam and Budweiser?

At Rebound we’re always interested in trying new alcoholic beverages so we can’t wait for a beer from whiskey maker Jim bean and Budweiser inspired by the famous boilermaker drink.

The beer will be called Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager and will be brewed with two-row barley and then aged with Jim Beam barrel staves.

Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager will launch in September right on the 85th anniversary of the Prohibition Repeal…. perfect timing huh?

Prior to the release both companies will launch “beer and bourbon shot” promotions at bars across the country. We’ll keep our eyes out for that!

Bourbon and beer shouldn’t be a problem especially if we have our Rebound hangover patch on. Rebound is the ultimate hangover prevention...made in America, physician formulated, and only $8.99! It’s simple the BEST hangover cure and hangover remedy available!


Would You Like Some THC With Your Brew?

Interesting news especially for alcohol connoisseurs like us! Looks like Keith Villa, the maker of Blue Moon beer, will be coming out with three THC based beverages. These beverages will have marijuana based formulas intended to give a "buzz" that mimics alcohol.

The drinks will be released this fall (2018) and looks like the people in Colorado are the lucky ones to get to try this out first. This makes us want to book a fall trip to the Mile High City ;)

These new drinks will be released through CERIA which is Keith Villa's latest brewing company.

Be it alcohol based or THC based, the whopping 15+ vitamin and herbal ingredients we've placed on the Rebound Hangover Patch make you feel your best afterwards. Now you can get buzzed and feel your best with Rebound the ultimate hangover remedy.


You can read more about it here at the Sacramento Bee!

Got THC on tap? Blue Moon creator plans to brew new beer with weed instead of alcohol

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