Ginger Root and its Hangover-Healing Properties

Ginger Root and its Hangover-Healing Properties

For centuries, alcohol has been a major part of civilizations all over the world. This means that hangovers have also been a part of life for people for that same amount of time. Every society has their own methods for curing a hangover, some are based on ancient home remedies while others rely more on science and medical advice. No society has perfected the art of curing a hangover, though with the Rebound hangover Patch we feel we’ve come close! To be sure, some substances that can help immensely. Ginger root is one such substance.

Ginger is a plant native to the warm countries of Asia, and has recently made its way to South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Asian cultures have long used ginger to cure a variety of stomach problems. These illnesses include diarrhea, colic, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome. In addition to stomach ailments, ginger can help in alieving pain from respiratory infections, headaches, migraines, and inflammation.

If some of those symptoms remind you of morning after your last long night out, then you may stocking up on Rebound hangover Patch which is infused with ginger root. Ginger root will help to ease the nausea caused by the leftover alcohol in your stomach. Ginger will also help fight off fatty deposits which can attack your immune system and produce bacterial infections. Because alcohol lowers the effectiveness of your immune system, you are more susceptible to getting sick after a long night of drinking. This means your one-day hangover could turn into a 3 or 4 day cold if you’re not careful! Using ginger to boost your immunity can help to prevent this dreaded effect of a long weekend.

If your head is pounding from congeners and dehydration, ginger can help there too! Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates the production of certain hormones that relieve pain. Because ginger is natural, this is far safer than taking painkillers containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen, as those drugs can have a negative effect on your liver or digestive system. It also boosts your immunity and provides you with essential vitamins and minerals, so you are killing two birds with one stone by avoiding negative side effects and improving your overall health!

If you are suffering from the consequences of long night partying hard, then definitely try our easy to use Rebound Hangover Relief Patch. We offer the amazing 6-day supply pack for only $9.99 with FREE SHIPPING!


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Milk Thistle and Alcohol

Milk thistle and alcohol

Do milk thistle and alcohol have any sort of connection? Do you need milk thistle if you drink often and you want to recover? It turns out that yes, these two are indeed connected, and it’s a very good idea to learn about how they are connected.

Milk Thistle is also a powerful ingredient in our Rebound Hangover Patch. One of the 10+ ingredients in our hangover patch that will help you recover from hangovers!

The reason milk thistle is great for hangovers is because it detoxifies as well as protects your liver. It boosts its functionality mostly because it brings in lots of antioxidants.

Why should you use a milk thistle hangover patch?

The reason such a patch is very good is that it offers support and help when you want to recover from hangovers. Yet milk thistle can even be used for fibrosis and cirrhosis, fatty liver, drug and alcohol-induced liver damage, hepatic toxicity, not to mention it can help you regulate your alcohol use and ensure that there are no damages or long-term problems.

How does it work?

Milk thistle works because it has a bioflavonoid that is named Silymarin. This is an active ingredient and it helps eliminate or at least alleviate liver damage when you drink a lot.

Milk thistle so helps you remove toxins from the liver cells, not to mention you battle things like free radicals or  lipid peroxidation that affects healthy tissues and healthy cells as well.

Are there any milk thistle side effects?

There can be some, and they all differ based on how much alcohol you drank and other factors. However, they won’t go beyond more than things like headaches or some laxative effects. Sure, these are not pleasant, but at the same time, you notice they don’t impact your health way too much. Which is the best thing to consider.

Is a milk thistle hangover patch mandatory for frequent drinkers?

If you’re the type of person that drinks often and hates hangovers, you may want to give milk thistle a shot (no pun intended). This is a common ingredient in our Rebound Hangover Patch!




Jane Walker?

Yes, that right. Move over Johnnie and make room for Jane as well 😉

We’re huge fans of Mr Walker here at Rebound. We recently shared a bottle of the good ol’ Blue label last Friday.

Now news that Diageo, owners of the Johnnie Walker label, will release a special Jane Walker Black Label edition next month.

The special edition Jane Walker bottles will be priced at $34 and will coincide with women’s history month. The logo will be that of a female with a top hat!

Of course the news has generated a bit controversy.

For us, be it Johnnie or Jane, we’re eager to have a sip with our Rebound Hangover Patch!



Alcohol can help you live past 90?

We all enjoy a variety of drinks here at Rebound. We’re always celebrating a new beer, wine, or spirit that we found! Well now it seems we have more reasons to celebrate 😊

It seems a new study out of the University of California, Irvine (one our founders undergrad Alma Mater btw) found that drinking two glasses of wine or beer every day reduced the chances of dying prematurely by 18 percent.

Dr Claudia Kawas, a neurologist from UCI, studied 1700 people who lived until 90 and examined their drinking behavior along with other activities. She says reaching for a wine glass, rather than a dumbbell, may help one live longer.

While we don’t advocate giving up on the gym membership, this is great news for wine and beer lovers! And as always if you want to recover quicker after drinking our Rebound Hangover Patch is the ultimate hangover cure and best hangover relief available.

In addition to a few drinks a day, Dr Kawas found that 15 to 45 minutes of daily physical activity reduced premature deaths by 11 percent. People who spent 2 or more hours on a hobby were 21 percent less likely to die early.

So enjoy a few drinks this weekend!



Another exciting Superbowl has come and gone, but for many of us at Rebound, and probably most of the country,  the following Monday is always recovery time. Yes recovery from the plentiful food and libations that flow like water at the Superbowl parties ;)

Of course with our Rebound Hangover Relief Patch, we're always at our best the Monday following the Superbowl. Its actually the perfect compliment to any major sporting event or music festival where the drinks tend to flow. Just slap it on before the festivities and enjoy them to the fullest!


Off to a great start!

Its been an exciting first month for us at Rebound! Our Rebound Hangover Prevention & Relief Patch has been selling great both on our site and Amazon! As always after the first order all buyers are automatically enrolled in our Refill club and the price for Rebound goes to $7.99!