About Us



The creators of the REBOUND HANGOVER PREVENTION and RELIEF PATCH (Omni Health Patch and it’s partners) have nutritionists, physicians and clinical researchers from some of the top learning institutions in the US among its staff. They have spent close to a decade developing our new proprietary skin patch technology which we call DermiFlex. Our goal was to develop a more effective delivery of nutrients than previous patch technologies. After ten years we've developed a unique skin patch technology far superior to previous delivery systems.
Our skin patches have a multi-layer matrix of superior organic ingredients that have been layered and infused onto the patch at the nano-molecular level allowing for markedly improved absorption than previous patch technologies. The ingredients used in the patch technology derive from only the finest quality vegan and organic sources. Through our unique manufacturing process we are able to produce the finest skin patches, but at a lower cost to you the consumer. We are also very proud to have our product manufactured in the USA.



A problem with previous patch technologies was the adhesiveness of the product on the skin during an extended period of time. Our REBOUND Hangover Prevention an Relief Patch takes care of that issue. Through our partnership with 3M, we utilize a custom adhesive technology that makes the patch stay on firmly throughout the day. The patch stays on firm yet comes off easily and pain free. Please note the patch is NOT water soluble. Also its best to place it on areas of the body with little to no hair such as the shoulders, back, or hips.